Products and Services

  • Edible landscape design
  • Water reclamation systems
  • Compost and recycling support
  • Toxicity assessments and soils testing
  • Nutritive and medicinal herb garden design
  • Landscape remediation and nourishment
  • Home/garden integration
  • Non-GMO seed exchange
  • Community garden support
  • Aquaponic systems
  • Hydroponic systems
  • Custom raised garden beds
  • Vertical plant beds
  • Custom garden art
  • Compost bins and-self contained units
  • Mushroom houses
  • Heirloom seedlings
  • Personalized herbal tea blends
  • Potted plans of unusual variety


What to Expect

  1. At the first contact, we will send you a questionnaire so you may consider the variety of options and services we provide. This allows you to have a basic idea of where your design needs are
  2. After you have made initial decisions, we will provide an onsite consultation offering advice and practical assessments of your space.
  3. During the design phase, we will supply you with site plans detailing proposed work, all personalized to your needs and desires.
  4. Once design has been approved, we will enter a contract relationship clearly defining the role maison adorent will play in implementing your future household
  5. After start up, we offer many different levels of support to ensure successful establishment and continued enjoyment of your space.