Harmony Begins at Home

Celebrating Your Space

In the tradition of the Provincial region in the South of France, a harmonious home is the foundation of true contentment. A home in balance offers more than just shelter; it is truly continual nourishment for the soul and body. Imagine the pleasure of strolling through a lush garden before dinner, gathering ingredients for the makings of a gourmet meal or sipping on an herbal tea tailored to your nutritional needs, all while enjoying the serene and seamlessly integrated spaces of your home. At maison adorent, we give you the infrastructure and advice to realize the kind of simple luxury that the French countryside is known for.   From composting and up-cycling to organic herb and vegetable gardens, we offer total sustainable home solutions that save you money and reduce your impact on the environment.  Planning and thought is required to maintain an organized and plentiful lifestyle. In today’s world of distraction and hurry the choices we make are often based on convenience rather than health and economic welfare.  Our goal at maison adorent is to provide you with the tools and the initial startup structure to begin fully utilizing your living spaces in just one season. We offer multi-tiered maintenance packages, allowing you to choose how much time you wish to spend furthering your goals on your own or with the guidance of our staff.  Packages range from basic start-up to full implementation and support year round.

Modern Permaculture

We use a strategic approach based on Permaculture techniques that have been passed down through antiquity. The idea behind Permaculture is that every part of your home has a purpose and function and should support continued growth. Even in urban settings Permaculture principals add health and viability to the environment. These ideals are important on the grand scheme of environmental protection, but most importantly they are vital to individual economic and physical wellness.

We work in any space – for any need…

Whether you have 5 acres or just a tiny balcony, maison adorent has the capacity and skill to start you on your journey to self-sustainability and future food independence. Our support staff is friendly and knowledgeable about all aspects of interior space utilization and urban gardening on any scale. Food Forestry and kitchen bouquet gardens are our specialty and our services are unobtrusive and tailored to your individual “Bliss Profile”, ensuring that you have choice selection and control over results. Call today for your personalized consultation.

Mission Statement

To provide luxurious sustainable site design and implementation to complement native ecosystems and provide nutritive sustenance and economic well being for residential and commercial properties seeking reduce environmental impact while increasing  personal harmony.